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Hi from James Finniss,

We have absolutely loved the many years of support and chats with like minded pen lovers and this absolutely amazing community of pen folk but unfortunately the time has come to say goodbye.

This has been a very rewarding business to run and we have really enjoyed meeting you all at pen shows, in person or online so I would like to sincerely thank you all for everything! The lovely reviews, excited messages when you receive one of my pen creations, it all makes it worthwhile thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Please feel free to grab yourself a bargain, it's the least we can do! everything will be on sale until sold.

James Finniss
Pensive pens

Seven Gods - Pilot 100 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Collection

The Japanese Seven Gods of Good Fortune: Centennial Commemorative Inks

These seven inks in limited edition colors have been inspired by the depictions of each god—Ebisu, Daikoku-ten, Bishamon-ten, Benzai-ten, Fuku-roku-ju, Juro-jin and Hotei-son—featured on our centennial commemorative set of Maki-e fountain pens, The Japanese Seven Gods of Good Fortune.

Pilot 100 Year Anniversary Colours

Pilot 100 Year Anniversary Ink Swatches

Pilot 100 Year Anniversary Ink Swatches