Iron Gall Green Gold - KWZ Ink
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Iron Gall Green Gold - KWZ Ink

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KWZ Iron Gall inks are a fascinating, fountain pen friendly formula which change colour as the ink dries on the page in front of you.

Iron Gall ink is one of the oldest types of ink - used to prepare ancient manuscripts. KWZ inks are a modern formula designed to be safe for your pen, they do not contain any suspended particles / pigment and they also do not use any strong mineral acids in the ink. If your pen is used daily, there are no special requirements however if you plan to leave the pen sit unused for a long time, it is best to thoroughly clean it out to ensure your pen is kept in perfect condition.

KWZ Iron Gall inks are generally waterproof - some of the colour may wash away when wet but the Iron Gall component of the ink remains permanently bonded with the paper.


Ink Type:  Waterproof. Permanent.

Quantity: 60ml

Suitable for all types of fountain pen, dip pens, brushes and stylus. Ideal for writing, calligraphy, drawing, washes, painting, and airbrushing.

I am proud to stock excellent, locally made inks that can be trusted to perform well in all of my pens.

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