Serendipity - Hybrid Pen - James Finniss
Serendipity - Hybrid Pen - James Finniss
James Finniss

Serendipity - Hybrid Pen - James Finniss

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Serendipity - A Collaboration between James Finniss of Pensive Pens and Robert Oster of Robert Oster Signature Inks this Hybrid Pen was developed over several months of careful planning and prototyping.

NOTE: Please don't forget to leave your nib choice in the order comments or we will send a random nib depending on available stock.

Made in Australia, Serendipity - the Hybrid Pen takes the form of a traditional dip pen but it has been engineered to hold a modern fountain pen nib and feed. The large feed allows the pen to have a generous gulp of ink and with a single dip you can write or draw well over a page!

Capillary action draws a very generous amount ink into the feed and reservoir behind the nib. The pen can be dipped quickly for a small amount of ink or you can hold it in the ink for a few seconds to get pages of writing out of it.

This type of pen is absolutely ideal for artists or calligraphers who like to change colours often. A quick swish in a glass of water is all that is required for a quick clean and it is ready for another colour. The nib can also be removed very easily by gripping it with two fingers and simply pulling it out for a full rinse/clean which also makes it perfect for those who like to test out new inks and make ink swatches.

The Serendipity will accept any size 6 nib so you are free to try out any nib size you like. Each pen will be shipped with a JoWo nib that has been tested and adjusted to write perfectly. You may also have some success with a flexible nib.

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